Friday, October 23

Happy Friday!

We went to bed and actually slept at 7pm last night. Well, it was a little before 7, but then Alice was making the noise of one who needs nose irrigation, so we did that. Um yeah, nose irrigation is so much easier on a younger baby, but at least she didn't sound like she was drowning afterwords.

Around midnight I woke up and felt like either my throat was super sore or I had heartburn. Its hard to tell which it was since my stomach is a little more than a hand span from my neck. I took some Tums and started prepping the craft for the Halloween carnival.

We are making spiders/creepy bugs.

I prepped 30 kits, except for the eyes. I only stabbed myself twice with the awl. I also have 12-15 extra egg carton cups that I am sending in case there are a lot of kids that show up. They will need more parent help, but at least its not like they won't get to make a spider.

My sample spiders are fun. The first I made before I spray painted anything. I did stab some holes in the top though, so he can hang from a web. The second one isn't hanging, but its painted red and has pink googly eyes.

Googly eyes can save all.

I am pretty sure we are not going at this point. You know since its 3am and I am awake. Sure I will be shoving a toddler over so I can sleep in my bed, but there is no guarantee I will get much more sleep. I wonder if she is no longer contagious after her fever breaks even if her nose is a snot faucet. Since its just a cold, I am thinking even with the runny nose she is not contagious. If what I read is correct, after the 3rd day of symptoms you are no longer contagious. Well, its been almost a week since we were around cold symptoms, and Alice had a fever Sunday night, so I think we are safe assuming she isn't contagious at this point.

Though the snot streaks on me beg to differ.

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