Sunday, October 18

Weekend Follies

1. We left before Sunrise to drive to the temple in Omaha.
2. We watched a rambunctious child as a 'swap' while another couple were in the temple first.
3. At least 80% of the things the kid said involved "I'm gonna get her." while trying to pounce on Alice.
4. We learned the beauty of a monkey vest, even if it felt like we were walking a dog 90% of the time. A dog that yelled "I'm gonna get her!"
5. We got into our session right before it started, thanks to some great advice from a temple worker to change in the waiting area like the temple workers. The people we were watching the kid for showed up right AFTER 2pm. (our session started at 2). Apparently both sessions had a waiting list.

6. I took my blood glucose test (NASTY).
7. I walked home from the hospital after drinking the gross stuff because no one answered the phone and I didn't want to stay there for 3 more hours.
8. I drank 40ish ounces of water after the second blood draw because it was really hard for them to get blood out of the vein.
9. We went to church, from the hospital.
10. Alice was a demon child during church.

11. Daniel didn't feel good and I was still woozy from all the blood draws. We went hone after sacrament meeting.
12. Naps and couch slouching commenced for the next 4+ hours.
13. The living room was tidied and even the carpets cleaned because the home teachers were supposed to come over.
14. They were sick too and canceled.
15. We went to bed early. Except me. I can't lie down to sleep. I feel worse that way. Daniel drugged himself. I am jealous.

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disillusioned said...

Sorry ya'll don't feel good :( Glad you got into the session though!

Mary P.