Wednesday, October 7

Ice is Possible

Why must you tell me these things car!

The car also had NPR on and I heard the news. Then I was slightly depressed for all the people that voted for Obama hoping their friends, children, and spouses would be sent home from Afghanistan. I wonder if he will be as criticized as Bush was for the situation. Then again, another trip to Oprah and he will have the adoration of thousands all over again.

I smartly switched to the local 'alternative rock' station and listened to people's stories about how no matter how successful they are, they are a disappointment to their families. Unfortunately that was followed by a news update that included the number of additional troops Obama has asked to send to Afghanistan. We have spend $1 trillion towards this whole thing.

But enough about depressing things heard on the radio...

We have no baby name. We have considered selling the rights to naming our child to the highest bidder. I am so sick of names and people's thoughts on them. I am reminded why we didn't tell anyone any name possibilities when we were pregnant with Alice.

Tonight (cross fingers!) we should actually get the front windows installed. You know, with caulk and trim and the ability to not feel a breeze around every edge of the windows. Sometimes I feel bad that I make huge projects for Daniel. Happy night off (no night school or scouts), please spend lots of time outside getting mosquito bites. P.S. Tonight and tomorrow had flash flood warnings, but it should be about 20 degrees warmer than this morning.

Off to a 9am Enrichment Committee Meeting. Or is it a Relief Society Committee meeting now?

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