Tuesday, October 6

I just got an email

Welcoming me officially to the third trimester. They told me the baby now weighs 2 lbs and thats why I feel like a barn with legs.

Sorry 'standard' email. Mt kiddo was at 2.2 lbs a week ago. He is on top of things. This makes me wonder what the estimated size will be when we have another sonogram.

On my maternal grandfather's side they had really big boys. Granddaddy Somerhalder (yes that's literally what we called him, all 7 syllables because my mom insisted) was born after a series of still born baby boys. And that my friends is why we have modern medicine. Being pregnant only to have the baby die? Talk about a slap in the face. Especially for someone that doesn't enjoy pregnancy. Even an 'easy' pregnancy in comparison to the previous one.

Any guesses for how big the chunker will be? (I will give you a baseline. Alice was born at 7lbs and 21 inches at 39 weeks 4 days.)



Gar said...

My guess is 9 lbs 10 oz 24 inches. I know they won't let him get as big as the one that was born in Indonesia, that would be ridiculous. Do we have a name yet?

Melinda Beth said...

7 lbs. 12 oz. Only because I had a girl exactly 7 lbs. and her younger brother was 7/12. I don't believe in inches because, really, how accurate can a nurse be measuring a squirmy newborn that just wants to still be curled up? But I'll guess 21 inches for the heck of it. Yay third trimester! ?And yes, a stillborn has got to be the worst thing ever. All that pain and discomfort for no prize. My guess is that your great grandmother might have had Rh incompatibility issues?

Becca said...

No name yet.

As for RH combatability, maybe. I mean he was born around 1915 so I don't think they even tested or maybe knew about it then. Then again, supposedly the smaller babies (coincidentally girls) all lived.