Saturday, October 10

Cold and wet fall = pretty colors

I must remind myself of this because its stinking COLD out there. Temperature at 11am - 38F, real feel 30F. How punkish. Of course supposedly having a cold and rainy fall means they trees change colors more slowly and actually change colors instead just going to brown. Lets hope its so.

Dillons is having some fancy 3 day weekend sale that includes $1 half gallons of milk if you buy at least $10 worth of other stuff. So I bought a bunch of baking stuff. Its so cold we should bake all day. Or maybe we will turn the heat on. Daniel has put insulation in the cracks around the front window. We have also decided we are going to hire someone to finish the job for a few reasons.

1. It will get done faster.
2. Daniel's work just opened up the overtime policy so he can work up to 11.5 hours each day on the weekend between 8am and 10pm. So he will get paid much more to work than to get annoyed at the windows.
3. Our neighbor who has been laid off is a professional carpenter and is considering starting up a business of window replacement. I think we would even have him put the third matching window into the side window hole that we put a puny window into because it was easier.

Then our living room will be pretty.

Daniel just needs to go talk with Scott and take a trip to Home depot (again) to get all the materials for trim stuff. I think he should take Scott with him. Daniel doesn't want to go so he is watching a cartoon with Alice, but I figure he will before too long.


disillusioned said...

Good idea (hiring someone to fix the windows!) It is cold out there...but I at least got the bushes hacked this morning!

Mary P.

Becca said...

I think its only going to cost us $20/hr and we provide all supplies. If he doesn't charge us enough, we will pay him more though.