Wednesday, October 21

Do we have H1N1?

Official answer is no, but I am starting to think that Alice might.

Fever over 100 for 2 days (101 actually, but supposedly after 3 days you assume its viral).
Dry hacking cough, worse when trying to lie down, so sleeping is a bit of a struggle.
Nose running. Constantly.
Refusing most food, except cookies.

Ironically, I am the healthiest of the bunch in our house. I coated my chest with Mentholatum before bed last night because when I tried laying down I started coughing. The medications I can take are rather limited though. I haven't had any of the other symptoms though. And the coughing didn't keep me up all night or anything. In fact I haven't coughed since. Unlike Alice. And Daniel.

Looks like today will be filled with watching movies and eating cookies. Maybe I can convince her to try some soup.

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Becca said...

Doctor said sore throat. Probably viral, they took a culture though.