Tuesday, October 13

Upcoming events

I am seriously on the way to steam cleaning the upstairs. Even though it doesn't seem like all that much has been getting done. Stuff HAS! Ok, that was slightly more enthusiastic than reality, but its my blog I have literary license. Only $2.89 at walmart. (That's a joke my High School Freshman English teacher used to always make. I think I thought it was funny at the time, and clearly it has stuck with me.)

We are going to the Winter Quarters temple this weekend. Our whole ward is. We are trading kid watching, carpooling, doing 4 sessions (2 endowment, 2 sealings, 1 baptismal with the youth) and the whole nine yards. Temple trips in the family ward are a whole lot more complicated than then the university ward where few people have kids at all. One sister (who has 6 kids of her own) will be watching 6 more kids. We only have to watch one, but its at the same time, so if she needs help we can help her. I think the one we are watching will probably be as much work as 3 'normal' kids. Its not even like he is hyper or anything, he is just super curious and very strong willed.

October 24th I have THREE baby showers to go to. Yes three. One of them is for a 2nd time mom. It makes me wonder if I belong to a ward that just likes to throw baby showers. I don't know if I can even go to hers though. I have one in Topeka to go to, and I have been wanting to go to that one for a while. If you look at my sewing projects you would believe me. Even though nothing has been touched since early September. Man, its been a month since I have done any sewing that wasn't Diaper repair related. How lame.

Speaking on diapers. I bought a snap pliers. All the pretty colors of snaps and I get white and creamy white. Oh yeah, so original. But I figure it will keep the resale value on the diapers. Some of the diapers I put in rehab first (they only got replacement laundry tabs and regular tabs) will be first on the list to get snaps. Why? Well, those are diapers that literally are losing the front strip of loop velcro. I don't understand why I have fraying on the edges of my velcro. Even my new diapers that are 6 months old are starting to fray on the edges of the velcro. None of the diapers I have bought have that problem. Speaking of diapers I bought, I got 6 more. I couldn't help it. They were $20 for the lot shipping included. It was too good a price to pass up. That means I have bought 24 diapers that needed repairs over the last couple of months. I already had 6 that needed the treatment.

Hmm I should probably vacuum before the dishwasher is done. The dishwasher needs emptied because there are still a few dishes in the sink and the sink smells. Like sour milk. That is the curse of buying tons of milk on sale and not rinsing cups that go in the sink. I thought I would also blame the baking of cookies, but staring at Alice 'eating' her cereal reminds me that blaming the milk is not such a bad idea. She is covered in it. Oh well, at least I have most of the laundry done. Then I just have to sort it all and put all her outgrown clothes in storage. Sigh, its never ending in this house.


Julie P said...

mine mine mine you have to come to MINE!!!

That doesn't sound selfish and petty at all does it :):)

If you can't make it we will just have to get together in Lawrence just because it has been soooooo long since I have seen you. We can go to yarn barn you know me and yarn barn.... love :)

Becca said...

I am so there.