Thursday, October 1

I hate house projects

I am sitting in my living room watching a movie and pretending there isn't a tarp covered window behind me. Yes thats right. Camping in the living room, I mean the windows were not installed.

It took 2 days to get to the point where according to the window manufacturer, we should get them installed in 40 minutes each.

I hate house projects. They make everyone get cranky. Even the toddler.

Thanks to rain we won't be able to get them in until Saturday. I hope there isn't complaints. I might go postal. I mean, how am I supposed to return the house to pre-last-weekend condition when we have no window in the front of the house, and the trash didn't get taken to the curb. This is only pointed out because my super powered nose can smell the rotting meat I put in there a week ago. Yes having no windows in the front of the house = lots of Lysol spray getting used.

I don't know if i even want to insist we replace the bedroom windows. I am ready to throw in the towel.


Chelsea said...

hang in there.

Melinda Beth said...

I hate when I forget to take the trash to the curb! I panicked on Thusday morning when I remembered that we forgot and I knew there was rotting fish in there. I sent my husband out in time. The funny thing is that our trash can is in an alleyway and I literally have to move it out 4 feet from where it usually sits next to our garage. If I forget, the trash guy won't even make an extra effort to walk four steps to get it.