Tuesday, July 22

Alice is well!

So we went to see the good old doc this morning. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes. And I am talking from getting out of the car, to leaving the parking lot. That was a record. First visit of the day, and no long line of sickies from the morning clinic hours: Thats a good deal.

He called the hospital and checked on her urine culture. Nothing grew. That means, she didn't have any UTI. Thats fabulous news. For the record, anytime an infant gets a UTI its a bad deal. They are more likely to have lots more, there is a chance of surgery, and pretty much she gets blacklisted and has to go to the doc frequently. Did you know that almost all women getting kidney transplants in thier early 20s had kidney failure as a result of a upper urinary tract infection? Yeah, so our freaking out getting a blessing and visiting the hospital was a good call. Even if she had a UTI its best to catch it early while its still in the bladder...cause once its in the kidneys you are in trouble.

Long story short, no more antibiotics. Plus, her fever is down, so no more ibuprofen. Thats right, no more getting covered in sticky syrupy medicine. I think she would be better at taking it, if it were not flavored. But whatever.

Aparrantly it was probably a summer virus. According to the doc more infants 0-3 months are admitted to the hospital in july and August than the other 10 months of the year. Mostly because they present no other symptoms. Well I am off to log into Daniel's school stuff and check on his fin aid, as well as get him a schedule. Yeah, thats right, I am gonna do it. Not actually enroll, but get him a list of classes. He has to major in business for his work to reimburse, so business it is. The things you do to get your school paid for. :-)

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Kate said...

congrats on getting better, Alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!