Saturday, July 19

Daniel is 25!

Well saying that just made me feel old.

One year ago today (July 19th, 2007) we got a sonogram of Alice. She didn't let us know she was a she though. Daniel thought she just looked like mud. She did measure right at 20 weeks though. We both took the day off work too. That was back before I realized we needed every penny we could make. Technically we didn't, well no we did because we were saving up for a downpayment on the house. Glad those days are over.

So we went shopping today. We went to a couple of yard sales, but didn't find much. There was one that had tons of cute stuff, but lets face it I don't wear jewelery, I have lots of art thats still not hung up, AND students don't have baby stuff. But they do have really cute stuff. We also went to Walmart to spend Daniel's gift card from work.

FYI Walmart no longer carries FFXII. Sad. Don't worry we bought other stuff. Including some glade candle airfresheners. There was a lady i nthe aisle that told me we could have a free candle holder. She gave me two because she said she had 60 and no one was talking to her. They didn't have all the scents on her table though, so we went down to the aisle and smelled them all, and even restocked her Vanilla. It was only $2.50 for a three pack and we don't use smelly things very often, so I figured why not. Later in line we got behind a lady who spent $260. Yeah, crazy I know. And it took so long I decided to look at the candle holder. In it was a $1 coupon. That means the candles were only $1.5o. Score.

Then we went to Target since we still have Alice's gift card from the baby shower. And they had it! The guy thought they had put it on clearance, but then found it and hunted us down in the store. For the record, Target was so much less chaotic that it was pretty much amazing. Daniel even made the comment that we might start shopping there instead. Afterall, great customer service, and prices that are pretty much the same as Walmart (being right across the street does that). Besides, we looked at the baby stuff since Alice has been doing a great job of getting longer and found some great bargains. We got some shorts and a couple of shirts for 98 cents each. Sweet! Plus, there was a couple of cute dresses for like $3 each, and a pack of 5 onesies for $6. That's right. She has clothing! She will be sporting something cute tommorow.

Speaking of Alice: this afternoon Alice was playing and I let her have the laptop to play with. Next thing I see, she has the computer screen upside down and the keyboard won't use all the keys. In fact I tried to search for 'display upside down" and got "d *pl * up" etc. Luckily a reboot solved that problem, and I found out that if you go under graphics options when you right click on the desktop you can change that. Problem solved, and a great trick to play on friends and family.

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Danno said...

And as an additional birthday present to me, Alice got her first fever that probably has nothing to do with getting shots! :-D