Friday, July 18

Alice talks about chicken!

I had to give tis a fun title. Lets face it, Alice does not talk. She doesn't even say Dadadada or Muhmuhmuhmuh consistantly. Unless she poos, then I have encouraged her to say dadadada. (I always was the smart one.) But anyway, here goes the blog:

So Daniel was overpaid today. Its sort of funny, not haha but ironic. Two weeks ago they shorted him 28 hours, then overnighted a check for that. Yet, it looks almost as if they paid him an extra 28 hours this week. So our next check will probably be really small again. Its not that big of a deal, but its sort of messed up. I have never worked for a company that had so many issues with payroll.

I have been aparrantly very homemake-ly this week. Thats what Daniel told me. Though he probably used a real word, I just can't remember it. I think he mostly said that because I have baked bread twice this week. Well, I took one loaf to Emporia with me when I visited family, and we don't have any store bread, so I baked some yesterday. That in conjunction with my scrubbing down our bathroom led to the comment I believe. Oh and the cooking.

The deal is, with Alice, I can put her in the high chair, pull it in the kitchen, have some food for feeding her and cook while giving her occasional bites. It works out really well. Plus I have discovered a great one pot meal to make in the rice cooker. There isn't even any rice in it. (Sad I know, but we don't have any in the house, so its out.) Its pretty much scalloped potatoes with some random piece of meat on top, slightly too much water added and cooked 30 minutes. I got that number from the front where it said for sweet potatoes cook 30 min. Maybe at some point I will cook sweet potatoes in there, but since I don't like then and I doubt Daniel does either, its all gonna be Alice food. Yeah, there is no motivation there.

Speaking of her, Alice in her enthusiasm for food has begun eating her high chair. You know, when I am not feeding her fast enough because I am trying to take a bite of my own food. Maybe she is trying to help me lose the weight that I gained back by going on the pill. (talk about dumb, oh well for the assurance that I will not have another infant soon, its worth it) ANyway back to the high chair eating: This results in food dribbling down the tray and into her lap. So much for bibs, we need a wet suit. And washcloths.

She has aslso started 'talking.' Ok its not any identifiable word, usually, but she is getting there. I was talking to Danno on his break and she acted interested in the phone (not unusual) and so I held it up and he said "Hi! This is your Daddy." She resulted in a long drawn out 'i.' Technically you could say there was an 'h' as well. I started laughing, and Danno thought I had said Hi mocking her. Nope, sure didn't. Thats classic baby babble. OK, I admit she was wet. I had discovered it moments before, but hadn't changed her yet. She is much more talkative when she is wet. Or in front of a cat; those gods of fringe must be conquered.

Tonight for dinner I am cooking something involving black beans and chicken thighs. The beans I cooked yesterday in the crockpot, and the chicken is thawing in the fridge. It really doesn't matter what I make, Danno dislikes beans. That means it can be ethnic, or strange, or technically a flop, and it really won't matter. I will eat it cause I won't throw it out, and he will eat it because I cooked it. Even if he ends up eating half a loaf of bread an hour or so later. I am leaning toward, the chicken, beans, some salsa, and corn. Making some type of southwest chicken stuff. Sounds good. Except for those yucky bean parts. Lol.

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