Saturday, July 5

MAgicjack is it possible for you to work?

SO no one has been able to call into our magicjack line meaning the lure of having a phone for $20 a year is losing its sparkle. I have found out fun facts from tech support though:

1. MagicJack has been having problems with other phone companies (ie the other companies won't let them call us) How mean of the big bad scary phone companies. That means people with Verizon, Vonage, and Skype can't call us. I might say whatever about two of them, but Verizon? Seriously?

2. I told them that my brother with Sprint tried calling and it did the same thing to him this was the response: "Did he put 1 before your number." LOL. Who doesn't know that you have to put 1s before numbers. Even better, Daniel's mom tried calling and on the software it said she called twice, and we didn't answer the second time, but it automatically put her on hold. I had to hit resume and Daniel talked with her. The ironic part is that once he was talking with her the software didn't even register that the phone was in use.

I dunno, after talking with a couple of different techs, and having a few test calls it appears to be working now. But if anyone wants to try it, we are posting it on the internet. Afterall we can always change the number anytime for free once. SO get bored, prank call us!

Oh, and if you don't mind subtitles there is an awesome little 1961 Italian film called "Divorce Italian Style." It was totally different from what Daniel thought it would be after reading the back, but way way more awesome. Its at the Lawrence Public Library (or it will be after we return it). All I have to say is, word to the makers of this film.

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