Friday, July 18

Chicken, it's what we eat.

Warning: These paragraphs are not spaced out very well or even coherant.
So apparently Rebecca has bothered to tell everyone what we're having for dinner which is nice I suppose...
I was saying that she is doing considerably more of what would typically be called the role of a home maker than she had been. Atleast, it seems that way to me. I assume it's because of the power of Alice domination that the high chair permits, thus allowing more spare time. It's not just the baking and the cooking. It's the tidying consistantly.
Quite honestly our house looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Well, basically. And she's cooking me dinner. :-O  Of course tonight I kind of wanted to go get myself some tortilla shells and hamburger, but who knows.  We're going to go shopping today. Rebecca didn't get the numbers completely right about my pay... I was shorted 24 and then over paid 26.6. But yah, kinda absurd.  This is technically the third mistake in the last three weeks.
I put the trim up for the back door again yesterday, I secured it about 2.5 times harder than it was before. And now the back door sticks a lot. Not very important because honestly I think there isn't a lot of reason to go back there. But eventually there might be. 
Rebecca is cute, and so is Alice. My home is filled with cute women.
I got to go.

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