Tuesday, July 1

Why do they even have home warranty's?

SO after being told by two different people at the warranty place that we can have a second opinion, and they do another work order, the guy from evil Ace PLumbing calls and says that if they come out, and the unit is working we have to pay another $60. What the heck?

I called them, and was on the phone with this girl for over an hour while she talked with Ace Plumbing. Finally I got so upset I yelled "If your warranty doesn't cover this, why the hell do we have one?" I passed off the phone to Daniel after that.

Pretty much, we were stupid to have Ace Plumbing to do the repair. Had they not touched it, we could have had someone else come out, and take care of it. Second, aparrantly even if it had been the previous owners that did a shoddy patch, the warranty won't cover it. The warranty only covers normal wear and tear. Are you freaking kidding me.

I made Daniel ask if there is any way to get a refund. They didnt' know. We could cancel coverage, they knew that. What total crap. I am so frustrated. The neighbor says we should take Ace Plumbing or the previous owners or someone to small claims court. I don't think that will happen, but Daniel doesn't know if that will accomplish anything anyway.

The guy from Ace Plumbing responded to my email with this birght gem:

Mrs..Cook [because they still can't use my first name, they only put Daniel's info on the invoice as if he is the man, therefore in charge, or whatever sexist crap that is],
I have received your e-mail and talked with the technician about this job,I don't understand why you are being so resentful in your message to me, it seems you would allow me time to acquire information before responding (I emailed him a second time after the check cleared the bank, but they had not responded to my inquiry, and lets face it I was annoyed that they had not responded). That said, we repaired a copper liquid line to the A/C system that was cut by someone while they were using a sawzall to remove siding.(This gem of knowledge given by the technician was referring to the scrape that was pictured in a previous post. As you noticed the scrape was STILL there! Fabulous!) The cost of this repair was not covered by your warranty company due to this not being normal wear and tear. This is the warranty companies policy. (I find it interesting that if a patch comes off, its not covered, the previous owners obviously patched it, as the AC was working before Friday) In order to make the repair we had to stand in front of the pipe to get to it,this is where the new grass is ,nothing we could have done about that, I would suggest watering it down good , June and July typically not a good time to plant grass without lots of water. (Thanks for that shining gem of advice, had I known this was a bad time to plant grass, I wouldn't have. And I definately wouldn't have watered it twice a day for the last week and a half eiher. If only a plumber would have todl me of this previous to today. I also would have to note the grass that was trampled was in the front yard, more than 50 yards from the AC unit.)After you have your new siding installed would be the time to calk around holes in the siding. The pipe was not insulated, but it would be a good idea for you to insulate if you would like, but we would suggest you wait until the carpentry work is near completion as not to tear it. When the tech. arrived he went to your door and you husband greeted him, he did inform your husband of who he was and what we were there for. Anytime an A/C system is worked on in this fashion we would have to go inside the house to the thermostat and or furnace in order to check out and test the repair. (I am not an idiot, I know he came to the front door initially, I am talking about the back door where he helped himself inside without knocking or anything. My bad for not wanting my breast exposed to some creepy guy that asks if a baby wearing a pink onesie is a boy. I told him yes.)The tech informed you of the situationand that the warranty company was not covering the repairs, he gave you an aprox. est.. of $300.00 dollars (he actually said $250-300, and all up it was $375.88, because he did not tell us that the $60 service fee was seperate), the total bill was $315.82 including tax. I'm not sure what else you were expecting us do do , we made the repair. Thank You Dave Cobler, Pres. Ace Plumbing Inc.

I currently despise them, and I am sure they have written me off as a nut, or fanatic, or whatever. heaven forbid an intelligent opinionated woman think you are ripping her off, then call you on it. The worst part is that at this point I have no idea what to do. We were stupid as we had him repair it, and we were more stupid (or at least naive) to think the home warranty would cover it. They said at this point its a he said, she said thing. Yeah thats right, it would be a battle of the sexes. I hope that Paul W. of Ace Plumbing got his butt chewed out for making me mad. Then again the president of the company never even acknowledged that he also trampled part of my garden, so maybe it was a they paid for it, so tough cookies.

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nannergirl said...

Retarded. Would it have been cheaper to just get a new pipe?