Thursday, July 3

Happy Post

So I have had some not so happy posts lately, so this should counteract least somewhat. I just get rather annoyed when I feel like I am getting ripped off...if I were a firecracker I would be jumping jacks. They are fun.

Yesterday we got almost all of the remaining back of the house on...we have a 14" piece on the end left, but it started hailing so we called it off for the night. It was sort of cool because it was threatening rain, and it would rain for 2 minutes or less, then stop. Then I went out to warn them that the news said there was hail in the storm that was coming, and 10 minutes later hail hail hail. It didn't last very long though.

We are hanging with la familia for Independence Day. Aparrantly my Aunt Sarah has ordered 50 pieces of chicken to be delivered to the park and they are making and bringing side dishes. Oh and my bro is bringing us some N64 games. Some of which might be cool, but he was planning on selling his system anyway, so since we only own like 4 games (but we have 2 copies of 007 Goldeneye!!) he is bringing the games that we don't own to the picnic. He is also trying to convince Taryn and Isaiah to come. She called him while I was talking to him, so he let me go.

Ooo Ooo, guess what else I found out though. Daniel was shorted 24 hours on his most recent paycheck. Though we have a few people sending us money, so its not a huge deal (especially since he will be getting the money) but its like, huh thats cool. Daniel says that if we have to wait until his next check to get paid for them, he wants them to be counted as OT. As if that will happen, but if they do make us wait until the next check he will have more than 100 hours on it without OT. There was quite a bit of payment issues though, someone in his department got paid 45 hours extra. They are going to have a small check in 2 weeks though. 3 Day weekends are awesome.

We still aren't exactly sure what we will do about the partition between the 2 sides of the duplex. We thought about a fence, but we would either have to attach it to the building or make a hole in the concrete to put in a post. I guess we will have to come up with a plan soon though. We were thinking of finishing that this weekend.

Oh guess what else? So the Airpines are charging people to check bags now BUT since we bought our tickets between May 15 and June 14 we are able to check the first bag free, second bag $25. All tickets purchased June 15th and later is $15 for the first bag, and 25 for the second. Yay! I am so glad we bought our "Christmas in October" plane tickets way way early. That means we can pack the cloth diapers and not have to worry about packing very light. Lets face it, two big bags for three people isn't bad at all. We were thinking carry ons and maybe check one thing,, but no we get twice the space! Yay!

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