Tuesday, July 8

Weekend fun

So for the fourth we got together with the family in Emporia. We had poppers and the confetti bottles...so festive. Plus we had a box of fried chicken courtesy of Walmart's Deli Dept. There was nothing present to feed Alice, until I realized some rice side dish had green beans in it. So I picked through the thing, and removed all the green beans. Then I did the sort of gross, thing of licking off the spicy tomato sauce and chewing/mashing them up. She was pretty happy I did.

My mother shared a strange story when I did this about a couple who were both doctors and the mom chewed up all the baby's food for her. Yes like birds, only not swallowed and regurgitated. Still, its quite nasty. So anyway, here is Daniel, Alice and me with Isaiah being held by Jarom in the back. Aunt Sarah took the picture on my camera because her disposible's flash wasn't working. I might go ahead and print them out and mail them to her, since she acted bummed that I was going to email them, and she wouldn't have the photos themselves.
Lydia was there. Her hair is a reddish orange color, courtesy of her psycho former roommate. Rachel, who was on her mission in the farthest south part of the continuous states has lighter hair as well, courtesy of the sun. And I was there with my non-dyed and not out in the sun self. Yes, I had the darkest hair. It was definitely a first. Even my aunt was like, I knew there was something different, and its that your hair is so dark. Its not all that much darker, but their hair is lighter. I admit I am sort of tempted to dye my hair now, but that won't happen. I don't want to have orange hair.

Here is a quality picture of Daniel enjoying Alice. Alice was tired and in a sucking mood, but didn't want to eat or sleep. Thus the pacifier. We took it away from her for a while, like when she stopped sucking her thumb, but sometimes she just wants something to suck on. This picture was actually from right before we left and she had woken up but didn't want to be awake. Don't worry a few minutes of feeding her, plus riding in the car, she slept the whole ride home.

As you can see, no really cool pictures. Not even a picture of the wading pool that I took her to. Oh man, did she hate that. I tried putting her in it and she would stand but start getting sad. Then I tried making her sit, wail wail cry cry. She immediately clung to me and I got soaking wet. The water was sort of cold, so its understandable. I hadn't been to the Peter Pan Park wading pool since I was a youngster though. They had 2 lifeguards on duty, and until about 2pm, we were the only ones there. But around 2pm another group of picnic-ers sent about 15 kids over in swimsuits and armed with water guns. Good times, good times.

The old changing rooms/restrooms were built in 1940 by the Youth Association...perhaps a work program? But they were all padlocked and not really in use. Well, one door was open and I think it was just a changing area. There is a small bathroom made out of cinder blocks next to it. Not as pretty as the limestone, but probably cheaper and faster to build.

So last night I cut my hair. It was pretty great to go from shower to bed, to wake up and all I had to do to it was brush the bangs down. Alice has learned to grin for the camera. As soon as I pulled it out she started doing these excessive smiles. So I of course took pictures of her. The real reason was to show off my new hair. Yeah yeah, its cute, it is. I know they are sideways, but I didn't want to edit them, so this is what you all get.

Oh and I went out to the front of the house and picked some green beans from my plants. I know, its silly to have them growing in the front, but most of them were in the back, and we had pulled out some bushes in the front and it just looked bare. So I moved a couple of plants. I cooked them. That will be Alice food once I throw it in the mini food processor. Speaking of that thing, I bought it at a yard sale for 50 or 75 cents, and its the best investment ever. I use it for all of Alice's food (well except the 4Th of July thingy) and it chops really well. The only downside, is that I have learned you can't put much in, and you shouldn't put too much liquid in either. It has some vent type holes on the top, plus the liquid will go out over the bowl and down the inside of the lid part leaving some very exciting liquid stuff all over the cabinet. That leads me to believe its a really old school electric spice grinder. The blade is also permanently attached to the bowl, so its hand washing every time. Good thing she doesn't really eat messy foods yet. I can only imagine spaghetti or mac and cheese in there.
So there you have it. Me with short hair. Oh and, Alice LOVED the fireworks. Our neighbors in their excessive disregard to the no fireworks rule, had all sorts of stuff smoking, blowing up, and shooting sparkles all evening and well into the night. Her faves: sparklers. She squealed so loud you would have thought she was closer. Then again, she also was very much excited for the bush I was sitting by, so much that she tried eating it. I don't think so, you can explore plants when you stop trying to eat them. You know what I just thought of when I looked at this picture? Princess Leah...help me obiwankanobi (spelling will be totally wrong) you're my only hope. Its actually just curly not in a bun. Here is a second pic as proof.

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Kate said...

I love Alice's smile!!!!! What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, I really love the new haircut!!!! very stylish!