Friday, July 25


Daniel is enrolled.

All the classes he is taking will transfer to KU, and go toward the school of business.

His classes have been signed off by a supervisor, so his company will reimburse us for tuition, fees, and books. Up to 15K, lifetime max. Thank goodness for community colleges that are less than half the price of KU. Not that he won't be paying KU prices eventually, but this way we don't max out the 15,000 early on.

His classes are:

Business communications
Intro to International Business
World Chem (with lab one Sat a month)
Drama in Literature (yay for plays!)

And aside from the Chem class, everything is online! Talk about awesome! Now he has to finish fililng out all the Financial Aid stuff, so we really don't have to pay for it. :-D

Oh, and Alice is scared of automatic paper towel dispensers. Those boxes that spit out paper towels are scary!


Jarom Smith said...

good to hear that the company is paying for classes. So 15k is the max the company will reimburse in his lifetime?

Kate said...

we actually moved off of 2nd and Michigan (still close to you and Daniel and Alice!!!!) I would love to start taking walks and getting these two little ones outside!!!! I will give you a call and we can set something up! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

oh, and I forgot...

Congrats to Daniel for getting enrolled in school!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a hoorah for "free" school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!