Sunday, July 20

A day of Firsts!

Today was a long long day. I took a nap and still feel like its about midnight, though its not even half past 9. So here are the fun firsts of the day:
*Alice had her first 104 degree fever
*Daniel had his first trip to the ER. (Can you believe he has never been to one?)
*Alice doesn't have an ear infection
*Alice doesn't have a lung infection
*Alice got her first catheter.

Which means: Alice has a UTI! Her very first one! Yeah I have to pretend excitement because, lets face it, its not all that exciting.

She is now on a regimine of infant ibuprofen (the ER doc prefers it over tylenol, and since it knocked her fever down to 99.8 while we were there, we are sold) and K-flex. Daniel is allergic and acted like he might be excited that she is getting a medicine he can't have.

She is also asleep.
Oh, and wearing a onesie. First time all day.

So now that you have an overview of the day here are the details.

Alice was cranky Fri night and refused to sleep until she finally passed out 2+ hours after her bedtime. Saturday we were all "lalala its Daniel's birthday." She was slightly cranky, but fell asleep in the car making the whole carseat taken into Target. Sometime in the early pm Daniel noticed she felt hot. We checked her temp and it was 102.4. That was worrysome, but considering how much the doc's office blew off her temp after shots last time, we figured we would give the insurance's dial a nurse a call. They said watch for X symptoms, if she gets worse, call back, if fever doesn't go down with tylenol call back, etc. It went down and all was well in the house. She even took a nap.

She went to bed, and though she wasn't the best sleeper, at least as long as she was clutching my clothes, arm, or hair she was fine. Sigh of relief, right?

1am, awaken to her crying. She feels really stinking hot. She is also wet. We change her, take the temp and everything. its 103.9. The dial a nurse line says that 104 is when you worry. (Um, yeah right, THATS when I worry). But in my excessive tiredness, and the fact that it had been 6 hours since the last tylenol dose, so we drugged her up to her dismay. We stayed up for another 40 min in order to make sure the fever was going down then fell back asleep.

She was a very restless sleeper, waking herself up like every 2 hours. In the morning we drugged her again. The temp, was below 102, so we figured it was clearing up. She wore a diaper to church. That is all.

She wasn't heppy during sacrament meeting, so I ended up in the mother's lounge and hall with her. I nodded off. A couple of times. She acted ok. She was hanging with another baby in the hall, and talking to her and everything. She still felt sort of hot, and looked ready to pass out, but was jib-jab ing along. Good times. I pulled rank. We went home. Alice and I passed out on the couch. For like an hour of half of joy. Her temp was ok before. She woke up, and I laid her on my chest and she passed back out.

Then she burned Daniel. Thats what happens when you check someone's diaper and they pee on you with 104 degree pee. Its ok to laugh, I just snickered to myself writing that. After checking the temp, I said, we call the doc's office and the home teachers. The guy on call said, its best to take her to urgent care or the ER. We live 5 blocks from the ER, AND its only $15 more in after a kindly visit from Nathan Markham (who isn't one of the HT's but lives close) we take our freshly drugged, tepid (95 degree) sponge bath baby to the ER.

And thats what life is like in our house. Good old day of rest. It was the calmest ER I have ever been to. No one was in the waiting room when we got there. There was a few when we left hours later though. Fun things that got people to the ER that day: one guy cut his finger off, iced it down, and had it reattached. A kid went down a waterslide and got a goose-egg on his head. And, someone had an abscess that smelled like cottage cheese. We were by the nurses station.

But anyway, we are going to set an alarm and give Alice more yucky medicine at 1am, 7am, 1pm, and 7pm. And she gets to go to the doc for a follow up Tuesday. Fun times, fun times. And we forgot to call Gar. We were even planning to. Oh well. Next weekend. Or later in the week.


Jen said...

Yuck! Sick babies are not fun. The only thing you can do is...worry about them, drug them, and or take them to the doctor. I hope she gets better fast.

Michelle said...

Bummer. Neither my kids have had UTI's yet, THANK YOU LORD. But Nora has had a 104 fever (ear infection) and Layni has had surgery, so in other words, I feel your pain.

Awesome cooking hint - You can cook a whole chicken in the Crock Pot. Put three tennis ball sized balls of foil in the bottom, then the chicken, then turn it on high. Cook it for like 5 hours, the chicken will literally fall off the bones. And whole chicken is way cheaper than the bag-o-chicken breasts. We use whole chicken when making tacos and pot pie, stuff that you would normally use shredded chicken for. Yeah, it's pretty awesome.