Wednesday, July 30

Future heartbreakers and loose meat tortillas

OK, so the title is random, but since the post is going to random it fits. We haven't done too much in the last couple of day. The home Teachers came over last night (to my suprise). We had planned on having them come a couple of weeks ago, and even decided the time Sunday...but I forgot. Daniel did as well, since he went by the store on the way home. It is a sort of funny story, and here it goes.

This is Alice looking coy for the camera. Future heartbreakers of America. (Oh and she is not crawling, but she will get up onto her hands and knees .)

I was planning Daniel's much anticipated meal of soft tacos. Its not anyone else's idea of soft tacos except his, but thats because he is picky and dislikes all things saucy/spicy/ethnic. We had bought 10lbs worth of hamburger from Hyvee over the weekend when it was $1.60/lb and had kept 2lbs in the fridge for the purpose of eating and loose meat tacos was the meal of choice. Granted, we only cooked one pound, but this way we had thawed meat for eating.

I also made the dough for the tortillas. (Honestly this makes me sound really domestic, but I insist I am not that much.) I had made them once before and it wasn't a totally hated meal, thus the repeat, but this time I put in 1/3 whole wheat flour. Thats right, eat what you store, store what you eat. (We are trying to get into food storage, very very slowly.) So if any of you have a love of checkers homemade tortillas, I can make them in like half an hour, and they might even be better for you, plus they won't grow mold in 2 days. (We had that happen, and thats what got me to try making them at home)

Alice eating yummy yummy green beans. They are so yummy she can't keep them in her mouth. And she sucked on my peach I was eating for breakfast, after the initial Yucky Fruit look, she seemed to love it, and was sad I didn't let her keep it forever.
So I was letting the dough rest for 10 min while I had Alice on the living room floor eating the laptop power cord and some toys when I see a car go by. Huh, that looks like Will's car. (Yeah that was in my head, fun huh?) Oh my gosh, its Tuesday. I quickly picked up the diapers that were launched toward the wet bin, but didn't make it, carried the laundry that was sitting on the stairs to the top, carried a glass or so to the sink and thought Sweet, they will never see my house clean! Admittedly it wasn't horrible, but lets face it, I don't work, I am at home all day, I have no excuse to not have a clean living room.

She has started reacting this way to seeing the camera held in front of her! So I let Will and Aaron in while I swiped the innards of the diaper bag, back inside itself so they would have seating. Yeah, talk about strange. Daniel wasn't planning on being home for half an hour. He was going to stay a little late from work since, yet again, there was no Sat OT allowed, and run by the store for some things that are cheapest at Aldi, and were almost gone, or completely gone) The whole situation was sort of funny really. Aaron and Alice played on the floor. Alice wasn't sure if it was fun or not, but since I was there and allowing it, she let it happen. There was even a point where Will proclaimed that she looked uncomfortable, and she did, but I wanted to see if she would cry. She didn't. I could have left her there while I made the tortillas, but I just assumed that she would cry if I left. I mean come on, two strangers take care of her while I am in another room AND neither of them are female. Thats two strikes right there.
Anyway, Daniel came home earlier than expected, and we discussed why the prophet is the prophet to the world, how good looking President Uctdorf is, and why Cary Grant should never play a Frenchman. (Expect a review in our other blog where we review old movies, This one was the 1949 "I Was a Male War Bride)

After they left, we cooked the tortillas, the meat and ate it while watching House find out the chick had a broken toe. I knew it was something about the foot, but I had forgotten it was a broken toe.
Oh yeah, and that last pic was where I baked Alice into a JCCC baby pizza. The battery on the camera died before I could get anymore good pics though. I decided to make the whole post nto flow, by including random pictures of the baby, and comments about them. Or maybe thats what kept you all reading. Eitherway, it was on purpose.


Julie P said...

I still want to come take pictures of that cute baby!!!!!!

When can I come see you??

I don't work in fridays??

What size is Alice wearing???

TPlayer said...

See, I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks President Uchtdorf is incredibly handsome and isn't afraid to say it. Thank you!