Wednesday, April 8

House things, and stuff.

I just bought a pretty blue enamel covered cast iron dutch oven. It is totally a splurge. But its pretty. You see, I found out that Pyrex baking dishes are 1.99 at World Kitchen (an online store based in PA) and I wanted some. If you are a new customer you get a 20% discount. Thats fine and well, but whats the fun in saving a dollar when you can save $13. So I got myself one of these bad boys. The discount meant I paid like 20 cents for shipping. I am ok with that.

My kitchen will be colored! Now I have a pink hello kitty toaster, pink orange green and yellow sun catcher resin squares on the french doors and now a blue dutch oven and amythest bakeware. I already have some clear glass bakeware, but yay for colors.

We also acquired some new to us, and for the fabulous price of 'from the curb' furniture last night. We got a shag maroon rug that actually is the right color to go in our living room, and a giant desk with a three shelf hutch and built in lamp and drawers. Sigh. The desk I have had forever had no drawers and was the main downfall of it. That and it was super deep. The neighbor's desk was wider, but half as deep. I just have to get everything off the bed in there and put things away. so It looks less disastrous.

Now we just need to find someone that knows roofing to help Daniel repair the roof before we end up with rotting and mold everywhere (not that we haven't experienced that before, just not in roof form). So if there is anyone in the vicinity that can be bribed to climb onto my roof and replace some shingles, let me know.

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