Tuesday, April 28

The Sun Shines! (finally)

After this weekend, seeing the sun is nice. Its been rain, hail, tornado, rain, rain, more rain. I know its good for the garden, but still sometimes I don't want to be inside all the time. Between Sunday morning and Monday afternoon, we got over 4 inches. Yes, our little frog that measures the rain was totally full to the brim. Its funny because Saturday I checked and we had around an inch. It was odd because the TV people said the Lawrence area got over two inches. Then again some of the moisture was hail and it probably didn't make it to the frog.

In other news, the outside plants are thriving. The tomato plants look well after their first week in the garden. I also found out I had planted peas in some places where i planted tomatoes. Oops. You see, I marked the squares that I planted in, but I didn't remember that some of the squares i marked were behind the markers. Oh well, the peas can climb the tomatoes and all will be well.

Saturday we went to Hobby Lobby and bought some lovely iron pieces for the garden (they were on sale 50% off). I strung up a small, very small clothes line between two shepherd hooks, and I have a bit of a climbing wall in amongst a square of peas. I bet it will be fabulous once they grow up tall.

We went to garage sales on Saturday as well. We found Alice some kid sized furniture. A rocking chair that badly needs sanded and refinished, not to mention some glue between the joints. Also, a little step stool that we gave her to climb into bed with.

And lastly we got ourselves a find, a new bed frame. We had one that we weren't using because the middle support didn't have wheels and the rest had wheels. Meaning if the bed got pushed, the middle support would fall down and stab holes into the box spring. After one incident like that while 9 months pregnant, we chose the bed on the floor route. Might I say, it feels fancy to have a bed on a frame. Yes, that is how ghetto we be. We now have our bed on a frame. Daniel implied we might have to get a headboard and proper bedroom furniture now.

Now if only the mud that is our backyard would dry up so we can go play back there. Or rather, so I will let Alice play out there. The girl lives for dirt and picking in it. Did you know that gardening (or rather dirt) releases serotonin when you mess with it. Yes, the stuff that makes people feel good. I don't think its the same with mud.

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