Wednesday, April 29

Drunken Spree

The neighbors had a drunken party/yell fest last night. You know before it rained (again).

Daniel never heard it. Alice did. I did. If the phone wasn't such a hassle I would have called the cops. Man was I wishing we had actually gotten a cell phone as discussed last night.

This morning I walk Alice out to the car at 6:30am. We were taking Daniel to work so we can go visiting teaching. My little fence around the flower beds was ripped up, bent/destroyed and several of the planted obliverated.

I am fighting the urge to leave the fencing behind her car with a passive aggressive note. I sort of don't care if her guests get so platered they can't walk, but I spend time and money on that flower bed. The naturally avoided all the weeds and took out a purple coneflower plant, and something else (can't remember what it is, or if I know the name, but I know its not a weed).

I can't stop thinking about it. I sort of want to knock on their door and wake them up to face the music, but I sort of want to make Daniel do it. Only he won't be as pissed as me. And he is at work. I think the fence in thier driveway is a good comprimise. Anyone else?


Sam said...

They definitely should pay for the damages to your property. I don't know that I would get angry at them. Usually that doesn't help things. It will probably just make them like you less and might even provoke them. You can however give them the facts and tell them what you expect. Hopefully they'll feel guilty or bad about what happened and change! *sigh* That may be unlikely. Also, if it were Kim and me, we'd either go together or I'd do it. I think you might have more power of persuasion if you did it together. Really guilt him!

Oh well, what do I know. I had HORRIBLE neighbors above me for like a year and a half. The first thing they did was rip out the carpet and install pergo. Best of all they did the installation themselves and did a crappy job. Anyways... ya, they were obnoxious, made a lot of noise, and didn't care at all. They at one point just told us to move if the noise bothered us. Ya, great people. *rolls eyes* He became Elders Quorom Pres. later of course. He suddenly tried to be more friendly and open, but he wasn't. Bastard.... hehe :)

Chelsea said...

that sucks. I'd probably go over there and talk to them together. both of you would make more of an effect than just either one of you. you might want to also ask them to keep it down after a certain hour and *warn* them that there may be a call to the police next time. Or maybe you won't want to tell them about the police cuz then if someone else does, they'll automatically point their fingers at you.

tough situation. I got some of those fence things and they're not expensive, but add how many up that it takes to line a bed and it's half a tank of gas (in my car at least - small tank).