Tuesday, April 7

Sickness spreads at School amongst the seeds

Yesterday was cold and windy. We didn't even get snow. :-( If its gonna be cold, I would prefer the weather to go all out and get snowy.

Alice and I seem to have caught something. Nothing terrible mind you, but enough of something that we are sort of cranky and yucky feeling. I assume its from the neighbor boy we hung out with on Friday (though originally I thought it was from the super spicy black bean soup we ate Saturday night).

Yesterday I cleaned the living room. To the point of moving the couch and vacuuming underneath it. I asked Daniel if he could tell and after him staring at the room for 20 seconds I knew the answer. Clearly if you have a toddler, you will not have a clean house. Even if its vacuumed and mopped, there will always be a fine layer of toys strewn about. Because all toddler toys come with 10 pieces that can be stacked, attached and put together, and therefore taken apart, and will end up all over the floor.

I just tried to enroll Daniel in a summer class. They told me he couldn't take it without taking a placement test or a prerequisite. Its sort of funny since he did transfer credit for this course over (its calc 1 by the way) I just thought it would be a good idea to have a refresher before taking calc 2. JCCC disagrees. I sort of want to see if they would allow him to take Calc 2. He does have the Calc 1 prereq.

Alice and I just planted some more peppers seeds (the last ones have still not popped thier heads out of the ground, so I am thinking they are future compost). This time I soaked the seeds first. I also, just 'cause, planted some seeds I harvested from a store bought bell pepper. I then marked all the seeds, in a very systematic way. Thats right, bamboo skewers and nail polish. The sweet pepper mix has really red tips, experimental peppers coral, snapdragons are innocent pink, and pansies are rum raisin. If only I thought of this method before confusing the tomato seedlings. Luckily the leaf shapes are different enough I can assume they are different tomato types. Its too bad i know there are three types and I can only tell 2 different leaf shapes.

Thats the news for the day / weekend / until we post again.

Oh, and I put pictures of the child on Facebook.

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