Wednesday, April 29

Tags Renewed

Oh man, let me tell you, the weather is matching my mood today. First the drunken idiots next door then the rude woman at the treasurers office. UGH! I have had it up to here.

The worst part? I didn't get her name so I could complaint by name about her.

1. There is (effective a couple of weeks ago) a $2 "convenience fee" for transactions at the satellite offices. Had i not already been in line with a 16 month old for over 20 minutes, I would have driven downtown or paid the 3% fee online (it would only be a couple of dollars more).
2. The rude witch of a lady tells me my proof of insurance wasn't good enough because it was a payment reciept from the insurance. RAWR!!! Here is the requirements from the website:

You will need to exhibit proof of insurance to the treasurer. The proof of insurance must have: the name of the insurance company, the policy number, name of the vehicle owner, the effective and expiration date of the coverage, the year, make and VIN for the vehicle being renewed. You will need proof of insurance for each vehicle. If a trailer does not have its own coverage, the trailer will use the insurance of the vehicle that will be towing the trailer. State law K.S.A 40-3107 requires proof of insurance as a prerequisite to motor vehicle registration

It says NOWHERE that it can't be a reciept pf payment. It had the VIN, policy number, dates of policy, etc. Don't treat me like crap because you hate your job.

3. The 'convenience' of going to DIllons to pay my tags was also counteracted by the lack of chairs. I was standing holding a kid screaming "no, no, no, NO, NO!" For over 30 minutes while the lady putted around.
4. The other lady was twice as fast, and i heard her being friendly to people.
5. She tried to keep my receipt.
6. What the hell is this fee they are charging? I didn't get a new tag, so why am I paying for new pictures on the tags? I still have the old design I have had for a few years. I had to spend like $15 for the tag itself anyway.
7. I swear my tags cost more this year than last, but my car is only worth $1300 according to them. Those bastards.

All in all, stay away from the Dillon's sattelite office if you have to renew your tags. The blonde/light brown haired lady was nice, the black haired lady that looks frazzled will bite your face off.


Sam said...

Way to get things done despite the day sucking! Did the one lady have a good reason for rejecting the receipt other than that it was a receipt since as you pointed out it had all the criteria?

What a pain. I wonder what she expected. Sheesh...

Melinda Beth said...

I"m sorry you're having a bad day! I hate dumb stuff like that.

Chelsea said...

sorry to hear about that. we've always paid our tags late/renewed them late and thus avoided a line. I didn't know about the $2 fee either. I'm sure I just paid it w/o knowing.

They told us about the new plates. apparently they're switching them from numbers first to letters first. why they're doing this, no clue. I'm sure it's costing us all a TON of money and seems quite unnecessary. who makes these decisions?!