Thursday, April 16

Garden post, cause its gonna rain all weekend

Wow, its Thursday. Alice continued on the "who needs sleep" mantra yesterday. She was cranky, and whiny and an all around butt. Things were slightly improved when some bulbs i ordered in the mail showed up. I wasn't quite sure what was in the 80+80 free package, but the site implied they were ok spring sown, so I bought them. Of course, some research shows that they probably won't bloom this year, and from what I read, some of them might not even make it until next year. So much for the so called "hardy zones 4-11" label. I suppose the plants do have a guarantee though, so if they don't grow it won't be a real loss.

So I went to the front garden patch and moved some day lilies to the middle of the bed, so I could plant the bulbs/tubers on the edges.

I guess time will tell.

The neighbor girls also went to the grocery store and bought some flowers to plant (for color as I have been told). I helped them plant around 30 pansies and violas with one 4 pack of marigolds. I don't really understand their flower combination choice, but they are 10 so I suppose that explains everything.

Earlier Alice woke up and was wailing and screaming in bed, but didn't come get me when I was starting laundry. She was looking for me under a down comforter. Heehee. I fooled her.

Oh, and I had a revelation. The reason why the tulips are doing really well this year is thanks to the failed tomato plants. Though I have no clue why that would matter. They haven't bloomed yet, but I swear we have pink tulips coming round.

Now, off to plant peas and lettuce.

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