Thursday, April 9

This is a post about butts and girly parts

Here's the jist of this post. Alice got sick. Alice got blessing. Alice is asleep and (according to blessing) better. More details follow.

Yesterday there was a knock at the door. Daniel opened it and two neighbor girls were there. They asked if Alice was available to play. Alice meanwhile went immediately toward the door to play with her friends. They are only like 9 years apart in age.

Somehow they ended up hanging out at our house, and I was sort of annoyed about it. I mean really, its one thing to come over, its another to play with some digital pet on the laptop and do who knows what in our kitchen, then play with the baby's toys while I am trying to watch America's Next Top Model (ok it was last week's episode, but I hadn't seen it yet). I also want to note that the annoying girl (cause it was really just one of them that wore out her welcome) had pants that were falling off of her and no underwear. Yeah awkward.

I sort of wanted to throw her out for not wearing underwear, but her family seems sort of white trash poor so maybe they can't afford it. I mean, she has her own cell phone at 10, but apparently that's the norm. Anyway, so Alice was poopy (again, and honestly it was liquid, poor kid) and it smelled horrid so I hoped we would chase annoying girl away. Alice alsmo managed to come up with a bright red case of diaper rash/irritation on her girly parts. It wasn't until the girl that wasn't annoying said she was leaving because the pizza she cooked for dinner was done that annoying girl left as well. Kids and pizza.

Anyway, we headed to bed before 9. Alice was sort of cranky, and at the last changing her girly parts were bright red and inflamed, so we buttered her and thought all was well.

All was not well. It hurt her to lie down or sit, so nursing was out (I actually got bit). In fact all she could do was cry and stand legs apart. Poor baby. So we called the doctor's office.

No one was on call. (Wow, had Alice not been distracted by the Owl Song and me preoccupied by her, I might have yelled Not on call, what the heck. What about babies being born? This pediatric office is the one that is on call for that. I guess no one will check the babies. End rant.)

We called the insurance's nurseline because it was taking to long to transfer the call to the KC Children's hospital's Triage.

By 10 pm Alice and I were sitting in a lukewarm bath and Daniel was off to the store to buy pedialyte and olive oil (I had forgotten we were out). Alice got a little air time after the bath, and peed on our bed. I was so not surprised by this, but it was recommended, so it happened. She of course peed on the area not covered by a towel. All the way at the end, where a head would go.

Come 11, she was diapered again and ok with nursing while lying on my belly, and I was cool with that because I could be lying down and sleep. I had been tired at like 8pm, so I was so ready to pass out at this point that I didn't want to switch places with Daniel in bed. Alice was almost asleep and I was exhausted. Sweet sweet sleep.

At 4am, Alice wakes SCREAMING and standing up. I got a diaper, and changed her, but of course it was a repeat of earlier. She didn't want to nurse because it hurt to lie down. So I woke Daniel to give her a blessing, and hooray for the priesthood.

As a side note, I think a good part of the screaming was because the acidity of the urine was hurting her already red and sore girly parts. Poor girly parts. It even hurt to be covered with diaper rash cream.

She is asleep (and has been since before 5am). I couldn't fall back asleep because I have too much adrenaline. So I answered some quizes on facebook and wrote this excessively long blog post.

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