Wednesday, April 15

Making things happen while cranky

Alice did not want to sleep last night. Sometime after midnight (can't really remember exactly) she finally passed out. I had already sent Daniel to the spare room to sleep, and lucky me, tired as I was, I got a second wind and stayed up until about 2. I know, its my fault really.

She woke me up around 8am by sticking fingers in my nose and eyes, and Mr. Tumnus in my mouth.

So after seeing if she would go to sleep again if I ignored her, Daniel called and I decided whatever I will just get up.

Now here it is, not even 10am and she is almost passed out again. Grr. So rude.

I just got a phone call from USbank. There is lots of background to why we got this, but here is the basic deal. We had two ATM withdrawals on one day (it was a Monday). After asking Daniel, he had no clue what the charge was for, and we assumed the one time was charged to our account. We filed a whatever, to deny it, and they sent out mail immediately saying, so sorry you are denied. So Daniel called back to request thier proof {per the letter of denial}

While on the phone, they offered some credit line to make us feel better. Daniel said why not (because he has decided we should have larger credit limits for increasing our FICO scores). They guy that took the application entered my social security number in wrong. The lady on the phone wanted me to fax in a copy of my social security card. I refused and told her to forget the whole thing. The bank does have my social security number on file. The guy at the customer service number just entered the 9's as sixes.

My refusal, and the ability to give my real social, she said she owuld make a note and go with what was on my bank account.

I had to sort of half snicker. At least my mouth can smile while my eyes are barely open. I have mad typing skillz you know. It makes it easy to write in my half sleep.

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