Friday, April 10


I've got two of there on my mantel and a loaf of bread baking in the bread machine.

Last night's rain storm was pretty intense. We got 1.15 inches in town, and our house did NOT flood. Yay!!! Of course two houses up the street did. Daniel said we might knock on the door and tell them that we did a French Drain in our yard and make friends. They also still have standing water between then and the neighbor farther up the street. Talk about absurd.

Tomorrow is roofing day! (Daniel will be trying to find the shingle problem and doing some replacing of shingles so we don't have more water damage. The best part is that the place with the most water damage is where we don't have attic space, so its hard to figure out what needs fixed. Good times.

Oh, and speaking of flowers. The rest of the tulips (I didn't remember this) are red and yellow. They might bloom by Sunday (they are almost blooming.). Pretty :-)

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