Wednesday, April 22

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Tomatoes and The weather!

Its gonna be 80 today. So I decided to suck it up and plant my tomato plants. I know the last frost date is after next week, but i have been leaving them outside in post all day for the last few days. Its time for them to enjoy the new garden. Besides, having grown plants looks nice.

The only downside, I have too many tomato plants AND I don't know what each plant is. You see I have three types I started from seed: cherry (or maybe grape) tomatoes, an orange medium sized tomato, and the giant beefsteak ones.

Now I started out with a LOT of plants, but Alice helped make sure several died. When I moved into the 4" pots, there were a few that didn't make it. Then a few got a disease and I killed them.

So now I have to put up a few more bamboo poles, and start weaving some plant netting, then tadah! A masterpiece.

In a side note, I don't really feel like digging anymore on the drainpipe from the front of the house. Its sort of hot, but more importantly Alice likes to play in dirt way too much to not have direct supervision. Can you imagine this time next year? We will have grass in the back yard and a walkway/path complete. Sigh. Love it. Now back to sewing myself a screen for the French doors.


Stephanie said...

How exciting! I've always wanted to plant a little fruit & vegetable garden, but I'm not quite sure where to start. I think I need a gardening "mentor." :)

Chelsea said...

I think that's a great idea! my peas practically died. I started from seed and they grew the quickest. I also made the mistake of putting the little greenhouse cover on the pod thing and had it in full sun - well..that cost me the rest of my plants. it scorched/boiled them all.

I'm going to head to walmart this weekend (hoping the weather stays nice) and get the plants. my plot is only a tiny 2.5 foot x 3-4 foot space, so we'll see.