Tuesday, April 14

Roof Repairs

Saturday was not rainy. That meant we did some roof action.

Good things:
1. roof repaired
2. no one got hurt
3. everything was cleaned up before the rain hit Sunday

Learning Moments:
1. Our roof was not installed correctly (go figure)
2. if you see water damage inside, you might find out that the wood under the shingles is rotted
3. leaving the car seat outside in the rain makes it wet.
4. basic understanding of roof anatomy and repairs.

Overall Daniel says the roof is ugly. This is because its hard to replace shingles that end up underneath other shingles. If we had the materials, or the perseverance, he would have bought a couple of additional shingles for the peak (different from regular) and madethe job faster and better looking.

Supposedly this is the biggest patch of hail damage, so as long as we don't get large amounts of hail soon, we should be fine for a couple of years.

Oh, and next time Daniel will take a couple of days off work, and just remove a whole section bottom to top and replace the strip. That's probably how we will end up reroofing our house when the time comes.

So yeah! One more home repair skill! Go us. (disclaimer: I was not involved in any of the roof repairs or work. I don't do heights.)

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Melinda Beth said...

We have also experienced Learning Moments #2 and #3 in our past. Our roof repair cost us $1200 to replace the rotted wood and shingles, which of course don't match the rest of the roof. Also the shingles that were removed by the repairmen and tossed into the gutter caused it to overflow during a very bad rainstorm and leak into our house and wreck our wood floors. Sometimes I think homeownership is overrated.

Leaving a carseat on a covered porch in humidity can also cause it to mildew.

Glad you got your roof repaired with no injuries!