Monday, April 20

TV Turnoff Week!

So this week is TV turnoff week. Are you participating?

I think we might. Just because sometimes our evenings are filled with the TV on. Even if no one is really watching it.

Besides, we can always *cheat* and watch some more movies for our other blog. I mean at least I remember movies better than TV shows.

If you want to join me in giving up TV, here is what you will miss:

House - he will have drama thanks to his drug addiction and crappy attitude. The mystery illness will be solved. Someone will kiss someone else. (I am getting sort of sick of the show since they started developing 13 as the slut of the show and killed off the only guy as smart as house. Sorry, you solve too many of the cases, you gotta go kill yourself.

Bones - a body will be found. Random plant spores or chemicals or missing digits will help them solve the case.

America's Next Top Model - the people I dislike will get to stay. I mean, sometimes its like 'really?'

Oh gosh, might i admit I can't think of other shows? But lets face it. The thing with TV shows is that every week is the same. Oh sure, there might be some ongoing plot, but if you miss a week its not gonna kill you.

I don't think I would watch The Washing Machine instead of watching one of these shows, but I would watch The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Of course, Daniel just called and we might even turn off the computers.

Wow. And hey, its gonna be 80 on Wednesday. Sweet! Of course, I am behind on my garden planting guide according to a planting schedule I found for the Kansas city area, so its time to plant some radishes and turnips! Once its a bit warmer outside.


Stephanie said...

We're not technically participating, but we watch very little TV in our house. The TV pretty much stays off at our house all day long and into the night. There are two exceptions, however. My husband and I watch LOST and Fringe after the girls are in bed. It's a nice way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Chelsea said...

I would love some help with gardening at some point. I started small with peat pod starters(spelling?) but quickly my sweet peas outgrew that space and instead of transplanting them i left them and they have mostly died.

I'm thinking of just getting the started plants from walmart and just planting those instead and hoping to maintain rather than improve.

Any tips?