Tuesday, February 3

Allergies or a persistant cold, you decide

So Alice still has an evil cold. I have used a thing of tissues, plus a couple of rolls of TP wiping her nose. Drip, drip drip. Its been 3 weeks for her.

Its pretty obnoxious.

Obnoxious enough that I have started some research into milk allergies. My family tree runs rampant with allergies. In fact, we never had cow milk growing up thanks to an allergy to the milk protein. Also known as Whey. They boys in the family even got tested and had whole lists of things they were allergic to (eggs was another one, good old eggs). Its no wonder we ate lots of organ meats (kidney liver tongue, even heart.) If you can imagine a random and possibly 3rd world food, we tried it. Though honestly most countries other than the US eat a lot more of those things. Take Haggis or meat pies. Did you know you can't even make traditional Haggis in the US unless you slaughter your own sheep? Its illegal to buy or sell sheep lung. Thats a total aside that really has nothingto do with this post.

I think Alice might have the family allergy. It explains why she got sick enough to refuse to eat (except nursing) and seemed to be getting better. Is also explains why once we got her to eat again, she got the runs. Even if its not a familiar thing, its very common for young kids to be allergic to cow milk. So we are gonna get a little crunchy on you guys.

I am gonna try making rice milk. In fact I have some rice soaking. Rice milk is the same thing as Horchata [though horchata can be made with almonds or barley or really any grain]. Horchata is a sugary creamy vanilla delight served as a bit of summertime refreshment.

In our case it will be a test. We will find out if cutting milk and her Boost supplement (contains milk and soy) will be out as well. I guess we will try and see if carnation instant breakfast is the same...or even check out the organic aisles for some different kinds of milk free supplement stuff. Either way, we have been making way too much mucus, and we shall postpone the milk thing until she is 2 or possibly three. (I have read many kids grow out of it, so here's to hoping she does.) But, honestly if she doesn't I don't think it will kill us to switch to Rice milk. Especially if I make homemade. That stuff is practically free. More free than cow milk ever was.

P.S. I wrote this yesterday and got too distracted to finish. Note: You cannot make Rice Milk in a food processor. Especially one that's almost dead and barely shuts. The kitchen will be covered in 'rice milk.' It will taste way too sweet and not creamy at all. Perhaps the recipes that call for cooked rice are better? Perhaps I got over enthusiastic with the Honey? Either way, this will need experimentation.

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