Tuesday, February 3

Now You're Gonna Die!

So, I just wanted to tell everyone the thing that I find the oddest about my new job.

It's not that I have a week to learn how to answer phones in the call center and how to answer the phones when the other staff has questions to ask me, even though their training class is about 3 weeks long actually. It's not even that it sounds like I might have a lot to do... honestly the job is starting to seem more and more underwhelming. The single strangest thing about my new job is the person who is training me.

She is a work-aholic. There are lots of things that they sort of want us to get done that haven't been happening and still she manages to come in and work 10 hour days every day and things like that. I'm sure she is actually getting a lot done but I have no idea. The other thing about her that I actually do find odd... Eye contact. I think it has something to do with gender differences but I feel like she'll be explaining something to me and then suddenly she will turn and stare at me with such intensity that it feels like she's looking for weakness. I can't help but think she's thinking something like... if you flinch or act hesitant I will destroy you!

I'd assume that that is spot on, but it really wouldn't make any sense. That's what I get for actually being a guy... we're definitely the minority in my office... From what I'm told though I will soon discover that she does so much work that I'm going to have to work just as much in order to fill her shoes... how nifty. Anyway, I should go. Cheers.

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Lydia said...

Is she the one telling you that you have to do just as much work to fill her shoes?