Sunday, February 8

Random conversation and ANOTHER calling!

So Daniel took a message this morning and we went to church early for me to get calling #2. Anyone else see the irony here? In the student ward Daniel and I shared a few callings and I had some of my own. New ward? 2nd week there we get a shared calling (cub scouts) and this week I get a calling (LINK coordinator).

FYI, the person that did it in December had a whole book as well as forms made up and everything coordinated quite well. I will just spend a day or so calling people to remind what they signed up for, and then a day of hauling food downtown and making sure the volunteers make it. Nice part: it only happens 4 times a year.

Here is the random conversation:

Daniel: Sometimes its fun to say things that aren't at all true about Obama.

So here are a list of things that are NOT true that its fun to say about Obama.
Alice, Obama wants you to pay for college.
Obama wants everyone to be allergic to gluten. (that one might be true)
Obama wants to destroy all the wheat in the USA.
Obama makes everyone call him black.
If I play more Kingdom Hearts will you cheat for me? (oops that's not obama related)

Rebecca: If Obama were a character on Kingdom hearts who would he be? King Mickey?
Daniel: Maybe Maleficnet?
Rebecca: Maleficent!? (laughing)
Daniel: Why are you so surprised? I would think it would be true.
Rebecca (silence while typing conversation)
Alice: (Putting a block on mommy's cleavage)
Daniel: I just said Maleficent because King Mickey is a good guy and Obama might not be.
Rebecca: Daniel is an expert on Mickey Mouse.
Daniel: Of course I am.

I got distracted. I was going to google stuff about obama, and if you type in 'is obama' in the search bar the first suggestion is 'is obama the antichrist?' So I decided to see what are people's reasons to call him the antichrist. Most of them are dumb, but there are some funny videos. Only the videos weren't meant to be funny. Thats probably the funniest part. So yeah. We are eating pizza for dinner, and so have to smell the oven.


Julie P said...

Funny.... I just spent the day playing the first Kingdom Hearts!

Michelle said...

I didn't think milk allergies would cause things like a runny nose. I thought milk (and wheat) allergies would make the tummy hurt? Neither of my kids have ever had anything like that, so I'm the first to admit that I don't know. Maybe it's the cat. Layni's allergic to cats, and it ain't pretty.

Becca said...

Julie - so did we! (obviously). Now I want the one they made for GameBoy Advance and released for the PS2...but we didn't see it at Target.

Michelle - No cat, so unless she has been sneaking into neighbor's houses its not a cat. My brother's allergy symptoms were puffy face and runny nose. The joke was the wiping of the nose is an allergic Salute.

Anonymous said...

Well glad to see you are being integrated into the family ward. Report from Grandma said ALice is walking all the time and talking some, what she can't cover that way she pantomines. . After listening to the town hall meeting with Obama this afternoon, he sounds good, I just hope and pray it works out because I know some people are really hurting financially.