Tuesday, February 24

Who likes to ChaCha?

The subtitle to this would be, ChaCha has eaten my brain or at least my soul.

1. When leaving comments on people's blogs or writing emails I have to mentally stop myself from writing "ChaCha on!" or "ChaCha again!" or something else about ChaCha.

2. I get emails several times a day saying they are busy and want help.

3. I check my email after getting multiple emails and feel like I should sign in and just answer a few questions, even if I don't want to.

4. They have a new pay system where instead of having to do 200+ questions to get more than 10 cents a question pay rates are based on category.

5. Now that the new system is in place, I do almost 200 a week. (Before it was in place it was more like 50.)

6. They are hiring more people and I have to wonder if that means I will stop getting questions constantly.

7. I remember that my "Wow" rating is always about 95% and usually really close to 100% so I get a high priority status.

8. Instead of answering ChaCha questions, I am writing a blog post.

And you all thought I was going to say I am obsessed. Clearly I can spend valuable baby napping time to post in the blog. I am not that obsessed. But it is sort of addicting. Of course I will be glad when they hire new people. When it really is overwhelmingly busy your categorical choices are ignored and you get any old question. I have no problem reporting questions as "abuse" when they have multiple swear words and are nasty, but it counts against my overall percentage. Its dumb like that. Also, you don't get a preview of the questions, it just says a new question is available.

I know its like 9am, but the laptop's clock has not updated since 7:31 when we got up. As predicted, Daniel (who was LATE) went to work, Alice (who should have been sleeping woke up) and I am sitting on the couch with her while she sleeps more. It wouldn't be so bad if I thought I could leave the room, but lets face it I am The Bringer of Boobs and she is the Smeller of Boobs. We cannot be separated.

P.S. Anyone that actually wants to learn random info and answer questions in your spare time, ChaCha is hiring. The questions pay 10-22 cents each depending on category, and they also like to give out cash incentives on historically busy days. I have never got one of those. In fact, in the last 4 months I haven't even made $100. But thats because when I first started it was REALLY slow. And, they didn't have a priority system so it didn't really matter if I answered questions well or not. Soon, I will have $100 and an request a payment check.

That will cover my "oh crap" moment where I paid off the $900 credit card balance with my bank account that had about $100 in it. I didn't even consider that I had more than one account set up for payments. Darn credit card I have had since before getting married. Darn Douglas COunty Bank that sends me info that I tried to pay $900 out of an account that has $100 in it 2 weeks after the credit card said the payment posted. I need to close out that account. I can open a savings account somewhere else. Thats all I use that account for anyway really. Its just money that was mine before we got married. It used to be bigger, but I buy things every once in a while slowly decreasing the amount while never replenishing it. Wow, I got distracted. Post already woman.

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