Tuesday, February 24


I have literally been in the toilet all day. It started when I tried getting out of bed. I mostly made it to the toilet. I then changed the baby and came downstairs so I could turn on the laptop and turn on the phone and try and set up tommorow's visiting teaching. Melissa still hasn't answered her phone, and I know she just had a baby so I understand if she's sleeping at all hours of the day and night.

SO its been over 7 hours of staring into a bucket while sitting on a toilet or staring into a toilet. Oh man do I HOPE this is a 24 hour thing.

The house is already a wreck because Alice has been teething and whiney all week. Though maybe she had what I have. Poor kid, no wonder she just wanted held and nursed.

Unfortunately that means we still have to teethe. Darn.

Alice never got dressed. A t-shirt and a diaper is enough.

The diaper is poopy, and I called Daniel to get him to come home early. I will not be able to handle that smell since I already am wanting to puke up my guts.

I have ran to the bathroom twice while writing this. Alice wants me to play ball with her. At least I can throw it and she will fetch and be happy.

I am too tired to write anything else. Lets hope this doesnt' last beyond today. I feel horrid. Not even soda and crackers work. The toast tasted good, but the crazy pressure in the gut didn't feel good. Grapes were a bad idea too.

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Lydia said...

That sucks. I had something similar to that a few weeks ago. Luckily for me it was only like 12 hours of puking and 24 or so of diarrhea. Hope it is the same for you. Or better.