Friday, February 27


So I started some seeds about a week ago. I started the tomato seeds in toilet paper rolls and potting mix, and some lettuce seeds in a 18 hole egg carton flat.

Today I saw sprouts!

I have about 20 lettuce sprouts. I don't know what kind of lettuce though cause I got the fancy looking 'salad' mix. It has 4 or 5 types of salad seeds in the pot. Also, I bought two packages because I was swindled by the names on the package. You see the fancy colorful lettuce mix is exactly the same as the basic salad mix. Only the fancy salad mix has a higher ratio of the funky looking lettuces. You know, the ones that look like you stole leaves from a tree.

Only bad note. The tomato seeds may have been a wash. You see, I over watered and I am growing mold. I have no sprouts yet, so I don't know if I should give them another week to show their faces, or pitch the whole flat. Anyone know?

Oh yeah, and I am on strike from email. I don't usually check it over the weekend, and I haven't checked it in two days. I will either erase everything, or continue ignoring it until I have an insane amount of new messages and buckle down. I can't decide. Couple that with the phone issues where calls to the old phone number are getting forwarded to the point that the phone will ring once, but if I pick up it gives me a dial tone. I have about 4 people I should call back. If only windows media player would open so I could listen to the voice mail.

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