Wednesday, February 11

Baby Signs

Alice has a baby sign. Only one. I suppose its a good thing.

You see, she says mom and points at her chest with both hands. You know, indicating boobs.

It was cute at first.

Now she thinks she can get them if she asks.

If I ignore her she fetches the boppy. Punk.


Danno said...

She also now has a word she uses besides going "Ma!" or Da!. It's Mmmmm. It means, that looks good feed me. Or open this and give me some! Or I want food in general. It works.

Anonymous said...

so wesley is not weaned yet. which is fine. but he can say nurse. so just use your imagination at all of the fun awkward situations that a toddler who can say nurse can cause.
ps if you figure out a rice milk recipe let me know.
pps there has been some type of GI tract flu going around that supposedly takes weeks to get over and causes vomiting and diarreah (don't know how to spell that) but given the family history i suppose it doesn't matter....