Monday, February 16

More Rice Milk tests!

So this one is for you Brooke. Don't use this recipe, as I will explain that I think it could be better. But, I am still working on the rice milk thing.

I couldn't get myself to spend almost $4 on a box of rice milk to see what it tasted like, so my flavoring choices might gross you all out.

2 c cooked rice (I added a pinch of salt but no butter when cooking it)
2 c warm water

Blend this stuff for a while. Watch the lid if the water is really hot as it might try to pop off. The goo will be REALLY thick.

Add 1 tsp vanilla, and 1 Tbs unsulphurated molasses (I have honey, but I thought molasses would taste better as I did't like the taste of honey in the uncooked rice version.)

Then you thin out the stuff to be drinkable. I added 2 more cups of water and it was still pretty thick. It also thickens when it cools. We only have a 5 cup blender because it fits under the cupboards on the counter, and thats important, so I think I should use way way less rice. I also think that next time I cook rice, I will put butter in it.

Also, I need to try brown rice. I sent 4 lbs of it home with my sister because Daniel thinks its yucky. I have a couple of cups cooked and in the freezer though, so I will try using that. It makes me a little sad since I was hoping to make this a food storage recipe, and lets face it a 6 month shelf life isn't long enough for food storage. White rice lasts 10 years if sealed. Thats a huge difference.

note to self: try the uncooked version with brown rice.
look for real maple syrup to use as a sweetener (people say its good)
try using a tablespoon worth of rice in the blender on thus instead of a huge amount.

Sometimes my notes to me make sense.

Oh, and another couple got called as Webelos leaders. Sweet! That means the cub scouts can actually split up into groups and (hopefully) get some badges earned. We must remember to call our one Wolf and remind him to bring his book. Then we can know what to teach. Also I gotta take some 'don't be a pedophile' training online for the boy scouts. So does Daniel.

I also need to get over my strange medical issues. I keep putting off callign the doctor because 1. I hope its a fluke and 2. I am afraid it might be serious. Nothing like dread to keep me from seeking medical attention. Of course after reading wrong not going sounds worse.

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Anonymous said...

i found a rice milk recipe (and oatmilk and a couple other milks) in a vegan cookbook i have...and if i can ever get the cookbook in the same room as the computer i will gladly give you the recipe!