Sunday, February 22

What do you do when a limited warrenty expires?

Daniel was getting the crockpot ready for dinner, and the plastic handle came off in his hand.

The handle (to the lid) had come off a few weeks ago when I lifted the lid on the hot crockpot, but once it cooled some it stayed on.

I looked to see the price of a replacement lid, and shocker Rival doesn't sell them. They don't sell the handle, or the lid, or any replacement parts.

SO what is one to do? Here are some solutions I have found online.

1. Look for a lid at a thrift store. This isn't really an option, as we now have one (crappy and overpriced) thrift store in town. When a goodwill charges $7 for Walmart brand jeans you know they are overpriced. Also, I have only seen a Crockpot there once or twice. They were avacado green and orange and didn't have lids. So that option is pretty much out for me. Also, I don't want to have to drive 30min or so round trip for nothing.

2. Replace the plastic lid with a drawer pull from HomeDepot. I admit I might consider this. Granted a lid made for a curved front drawer is not going to be heat resistant, but you can buy washers that are heat resistant. And its not like the lid itself is broken.

3. Buy a new one, same model, and return the broken lid to the store. I know this is ethically wrong, but so does selling a product that breaks like this. I mean, I rarely rarely use my crockpot. Maybe 2 times a month on average. We have only had the crockpot since Alice had her baby blessing.

Oh wait maybe its been less than a year. Alice was blessed in March.

That makes this even more annoying. Even better. The instructions on the website say we have to call a customer service number to get an address to mail the pot to. Bah.

I don't know if I like Rival any more.

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