Thursday, February 26

Tips for a better Life

First off, I feel much better today. After a couple of trips to the bathroom before Alice woke up, I decided to shower.

There is nothing like a hot shower after being sick for a day. Try it, it helps.

Of course, I had just turned on the water and got in when I hear a baby in the hallway. I pulled open the curtain and considered getting out, but man, I wanted a shower. I did get Alice to come into the bathroom and shut the door. Even though she hasn't tried to go down the stairs, I don't want her first suicide attempt to be while I am naked, wet and soapy. Of course, Alice had just woken up and didn't want to just be inthe bathroom, she wanted in the tub. So I pulled her in, stripped her and held her while I washed my hair. {FYI becoming a mom gives you the magical power to hold a baby take a shower and wash your hair simultaneously. Its a fact.}

So here is the list of accomplishments for the day:
1. Not going to the RR since we came downstairs. {I doped up on loperamide, and we are at 4 hours and counting}
2. Filling and starting the dishwasher. (I had Daniel empty it yesterday. The clean ones had been in there for almost a week. Sad, I know.)
3. I changed the baby's diaper (lucky me no poo!)
4. While getting a diaper from upstairs I realized I had cleaned the bathroom sink. Yes all the things on the counter got moved to the back of the toilet. No I didn't put the cleaner away. Still, it looks much better.
5. Made a new budget using new (and fabulous I might add) MS Excel. In fact, it was Excel that motivated me to write a blog post. One of the templates you can use is the Loan Amortization. Might I say it makes paying off a student loan (or any loan really) exciting. I can enter $5 or $50 in the optional extra payment area and it makes a new amoritization chart.

So my advice for the day is: Get Sick.

You will feel horrid for a while, but getting better makes you remember what its like to not be confined to a water closet. And maybe it will motivate you to get some of the cleaning done. I typically clean on Mondays, but Alice was feeling bad, then I got nasty-itis so everything went by the side. Today I might even vacuum. {I had better since Alice dumped some trail mix on the floor and picked out everything but the raisin. A woman after my own heart.}


Kate said...

glad to hear you are feeling better AND got extra bonuses like a clean sink, clean dishes, and hopefully Alice didn't give you too much trouble :)

That Girl in Brazil said...

Get sick. Check.

(I actually am, too! And it's almost worth it to get sick when that hot shower feels soooooooooo gooooooooooooood ........)