Thursday, February 19

A Wail of a Tale

Alice was helping me carry something to the kitchen. OK lets be honest, I was distracting her so I could go to the bathroom. Silly me gave her something breakable to carry.

What do you get if you mix one freshly changed baby, a ceramic bowl and a tile floor?

Well, at least the diaper stayed on. Literally her second step onto the tile the bowl went down and shattered. I heard while unbuttoning my pants and ran into the kitchen hoping it had not shattered.

The lack of a bowl confirmed my ears' verdict.

The bowl was no more. I moved the baby into a carpeted room and picked up the 3 larger pieces I saw while getting the broom and sweeping the kitchen and hall.

After I had did the majority of the damage control the baby was wandering around after me looking for pieces of bowl to pick up. In front of the dishwasher she found one.

In front of the dishwasher, people.

The bowl was dropped in the hallway entering the kitchen. I swept the rest of the room.

Then I finally went to the bathroom while the baby climbed onto her potty chair to stand inside the place where poo goes and watch me. (No she hasn't use it, and no she won't sit on it proper, but at least she thinks she should be on it. Though the feet inside the poo pot aren't ideal. Especially once its used as a poo pot.)

Wahoo. An audience while I go potty. Oh well, at least she won't find the inevitable small shard I missed and manage to step on it and leave blood between there and the carpet.

Then I saw it. On the top of her foot.

A small cut, barely bleeding.

I put on a bandage and she proceeded to WAIL WAIL WAIL. I thought she must have other injuries and practically undressed her while changing her once again wet diaper. Nothing visable.

OK, fine nurse. It will calm you, right?


So very wrong.

Nursing = bigger W A I L

Imagine child has swallowed a small piece of broken bowl and is tearing up her insides.

Begin panic.

Consider calling Daniel at work.

Realize the child is trying to take the bandaid off her foot.

Take bandaid off.

Wailing ends.

Child acts fine.

Moral of the story?
A. Bandaids are evil and will cause great great pain.
B. Tiny cuts are meant to be seen.
C. An upset baby will wail to get her way.
D. Never have children.

I can't decide which answer it is, or if there are more than one. I am pretty sure D isn't the answer, but considering we are also teething and suck at napping or not being cranky, it might be.

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Michelle said...

Gotta be honest, potty training cloth diapered babies is a lot easier than potty training disposable diapered babies. In a cloth diaper, you can feel when you go, in a disposable it's pretty much always dry. Let me know when you actually do start potty training, and I'll give you my potty training tips. They might not work for you as well as they did for me, but I found that the more advice I had the better, some of it was bound to work! ;)