Monday, February 16

When does individuality equal selfishness?

I just read an article about the 'dummy mummy.' You know, the women that have young children, and heaven-forbid talk to people about it. The writer says that women have become obsessed with motherhood.

I think she is wrong. I think her friends appear to be obsessed to her, but to anyone else they are normal.

Case in point? She is 39. Maybe she never plans to get pregnant and have a baby, and thats her choice, but for real. How can you, at that age, not expect your friends to all be having kids. I mean lets face it, menopause is around the corner. As you age your feti are more likely to have a whole list of disabilities and complications. Not to mention you will have more problems being pregnant.

I can understand not wanting to see pregnancy and motherhood on every corner, but if someone feells comfortable enough with me to tell me about thier OB/GYN trip I don't ridicule them. Especially in a magazine. Of course, the author is off the hook. The Mummy Dummy won't be reading a magazine. She is too busy looking at the designer baby strollers and getting woke up at 3am by a crying child. Yes, she is too busy to read an article by a woman she shared information that is usually only shared with the down-there doctor and maybe the spouse.

She attacks the readers that may just be surprised that she is so against ANYONE enjoying motherhood by saying that in 2009 we should stop opressing her womanly rights to not have a baby.

Someone that gives the excuse that there are too many books she needs to read before she wants to have kids shouldn't have children. I assumed she was not married when I started reading the article, but no. She just prefers children to be like rental videos. You hang onto them for a while and return them, If you enjoyed the movie you might rent it again, but if your neighbor/sister/cousin owns you can just borrow it when you feel like it.

I may think the decision to not have children is selfish, but I wouldn't judge her on that. I judge the fact that she cares more about herself than her friends. I am surprised she calls them friends at all. And the phone is ringing and waking the baby. ciao!


The Happy Housewife said...

I have never heard of this before but I am not surprised. People are always judging for whatever reason, it could be kids, money, jobs... If she doesn't want kids, fine, if I want 20 fine... as long as I am not asking her to pay for them :).

Lydia said...

It's because deep inside she is really jealous and is trying to make excuses for being ignorant. Oh, and she is of the devil. :D