Tuesday, February 24

Kansans Getting Fit

There is a program that is run by KState that has people sign up in groups of 6 to walk across the state of Kansas (423 miles) in 2 months. If one person did it, its about 7 miles a day for 60 days.

I think I might do it. I have done, 2+ miles 5 days a week has done nothing in the last couple of weeks. Ok, its done something. I can now see the veins on my arms really well. Its just not the effect I am looking for.

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Chelsea said...

hey, i know we talked about exercising once or twice, but I don't know if you heard about the Lawrence Athletic Club thing. It's called Leaner Lawrence and they're offering 6-mo memberships free for qualifying peeps. Basically, it sounds like a small-town version of biggest loser. 6-month committment, you have to workout 3times a week at the gym and attend a group meeting every month or so (they have scheduled dates). It starts on March 1st. I joined, as did my husband and a few people from the ward. at the end of 6 months whoever has lost the most of their body weight gets $500 and a year membership to the gym. oh! the other requirement is that you have to be able to lose 10% of your body's weight.

email me if you want details: chelsealexander (at) hotmail

Talk to you soon!

PS - I drove by and saw your lavender door! At least I thought it was yours. We looked at a house on Northwood when we were house-hunting last July. Funny! when did you guys buy yours?