Tuesday, March 31

Free Health Care at Walgreens

I found out about this and had to pass it on. Walgreens' Take Care Clinic is now offering free checkups (colds, allergies, minor urgent care type things) for free to people that lose their jobs after today March 31,2009 until at least the end of 2009.

I never shop at Walgreens, in fact I don't even exist as far as they know, but I think this is awesome. These sort pf check ups typically cost $59, and I know that is a lot of money for people with no income (or just unemployment). They aren't offering vaccinations or routine check ups, but this will save the uninsured a trip to the ER or urgent care (you know if one existed in Lawrence). Its offered from 11am - 3pm M-F and you have to present proof of unemployment (spouses and kids are also eligible for the free services).

I think they might get my business, if for no nother reason than it makes it so you can get your medicine at the same place as the check up. Not that we are uninsured, so we will have to pay. But it might be nice considering we don't really have regular doctors (except Alice cause she is a baby).

So yeah, awesome.

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