Friday, March 6

Things that annoy me

1. Getting a letter from your bank you rarely use about a $953 'check' that was returned on a Saturday.
2. Realizing the 'check' was a payment to the credit card, but was paid using my account that had about $100 instead of the household checking account.
3. Scrambling to fix something that was my fault, but totally an accident.
4. Getting a second letter from the bank, that I want to add is local and has locations covering the town, stating that the payment was processed a second time and was charged yet another returned check fee.
5. Having my bank account go from $110 to $59 because it took the bank over a week from the date the payment was posted by the credit card for them to notify me that they were refusing payment.
6. Contacting the credit card and them acting like if I pay them via check it would take care of the situation on that end.
7. Finding out my intrest rate is now 29.990% on the account because of 'terms I signed' according to some snotty customer service rep.
8. Contacting the bank to attempt to close the account and getting told it can only be done in person.
9. Knowing that going to the bank 'in person' will probably result in wailing and gnashing of teeth.
10. While writing a letter to the bank, discover I was charged a $39 returned chek fee by the credit card.
11. Knowing that all the money in that account was money from when I was working my butt off part time at McDonalds and making less than $8/hr before taxes.
12. Not knowing if any of this will do anything.

On a positive note, we decided to check our credit scores because we will probably try and get a new credit card. I had that credit card for several years and until a week or so ago I would have given them great reviews, so we thought we would see what typical rates are like now that the financial crisis = increased credit card fees and interest rates. (Ironic since house interest rates are at a 25 year low or something.) Daniel discovered he had two active credit cards that he didn't know about and hadn't used since before we were married. We contacted the companies and are getting cards and terms info sent to us. Both cards are ones he opened before he left on his mission. Also, from what I have seen with my credit score I can easily get a new credit card that has a lower (and fixed) interest rate close to what I had before new 'Terms and Conditions' went into effect January 1st doubling my interest rate to almost 18%. I guess sometimes its good to keep your options open. I also know that it costs the credit card some money to keep an account active, so I will try and keep the one that we used to use all the time, open. If only to make up for the fact that I have been in a funk about this whole thing for a while now.

I have been up since 4:30am because I couldn't sleep. Maybe I will crawl in bed with a baby and try to sleep some more. Oh, and I hate money. That's totally on the record.


Anonymous said...

Having too many accounts both credit and bank can drive one to insanity or close to it. Money may not actually be the root of all evil but just mess up a little and it will seem very close to it. How they figure your credit scores makes no sense at all, or at least that is my opinion.


Kasi said...

I've had that same thing happen with a credit card! Awful!!