Monday, March 2

Reasons why the Family Ward is AWESOME

We switched from the University Ward to a family ward about 2 months ago. While at first it seemed really different (having tons of kids present does that), I have to saw I love the differences.

1. Unique callings. In the University Ward we could have never been called to be cub scout leader. There aren't any 8-10 year olds there. This calling is great because you can pretty much play games the whole time, and it counts as achievements. It seems like the perfect program for kids, I mean play catch from 10 feet away and get to sign something off? Easy and fun. {Ironically we had only one 8 year old that turned 9 2 weeks after we got the calling, so we are waiting for the next 2 boys (one in April, one in June). We just hang out and help out the other leaders for now.}

2. Alice may have learned how to throw tantrums, but she also has learned where the nursery is. Yesterday she was (righfully) sick of church. It was the 3rd block, there were no babies to play with that were close to her age, and she had eaten all of her grapes.
She ran up to the door and started screaming and banging her head and body against it. I grabbed her and carried her to the hall. I figured running around might help with some of her energy. She ran directly to the nursery and started body slamming the door. I looked in and it looked pretty calm so we went in.
We played with bubbles, and music time, and ribbon thingys you swirl in the air.
She threw a fit when church was over and I tried to put things away.

3. People look down when they are walking. In a building thats overrun with babies and toddlers (though Wakarusa ward is worse, they had 30 babies born last year. Thats right 30!) people know that if you walk briskly you will briskly run over a few kids. Its nice because of the kid darts between legs faster than a bigger person can navigate, no one will step on her. In fact, if she runs for the door she will be stopped.

4. Everyone and thier mom is a mom. Ok, maybe not completely, but lets face it a good 90% of them are. It makes people understanding when your child screams bloody murder in the middle of the opening prayer, or the sacrament, or the Relief Society lesson. Some days it seems like all three. And no one give the "I can't hear thanks to that demonic spawn of yours" look. While that look might take some practice to get used to, it may not be entirely accurate. My spawn isn't demonic, she is teething, and you maybe you need one of those handy hearing devices that look like a blue tooth. [Cause I am not defensive] But you know what, I have yet to get that look. In fact, I have people offering to help out, and actually knowing how to.

Sweet, sweet bliss.

This post was because I saw the University Ward Missionaries in the hall at the Scout Banquet on Saturday, and they asked if I liked the family ward better. While I miss many of the people from the university ward, the family ward is the place for kids. I mean they have an actualy mother's lounge with 4 rockers and a changing table. Of course, Alice is now old enough that she finds the place exhilarating (it has curtains) and exotic (other babies are nursing OooOooo...lets stare). But still, I can hear the talks, the songs, and sit in a really comfortable rocker. Too bad by the time our ward kicks in, it already smells like poo. Gotta love being the 3rd ward in the building every Sunday.

Oh yeah, did any of the Outcalt clan(s) lose a green baby sized glove/mitten? Its at the institute, and the missionaries thought it was ours, but its not. We let our baby fingers freeze like good parents. It showed up sometime around Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Ah the joys have a family ward with screeming babies and all. I think Alice has already figured out where the fun is. Yeah wards seem to get trashed after two or three have had their meetings, actually usually it only takes one if there are very many kids. When their are hordes of kids they tend to be more tolerant, I guess we get used to hearing the talks and lessons without kids or something like that.


TPlayer said...

I don't remember peple giving anyone bad looks with screaming babies. I always loved having those kids around...and I knew how to take care of them, if the opportunity was actually ever given to me. To be honest, it always kinda bugged me when some of the "Moms" in the ward often treated us "Non-moms" like idiots, as if we'd never seen nor touched a baby in our lives. But I'm glad you're happy in the family ward. (I loved the mental image of Alice body slamming the nursery door) HA!

Michelle said...

I was really glad to move to a family ward too. Honestly, you just outgrow the University Ward. It's hard to relate when your world starts to revolve around breastfeeding and diapers rather than finals and homework. Even if you are still in school, having a kid makes it different. And your baby always sounds louder to you than anyone else. So even if everyone says, "Oh it doesn't bother me!" as a mom, you'll never believe it.