Friday, March 27

Out Like A Lamb

That's what March is doing. Just like its supposed to...sort of. You see, I am expecting to wake up to about 4 inches of snow tomorrow morning, and it will still be snowing.

I don't have a clue if I should so something to try and protect the tulips and sedum...or chance them all getting frosty. It snowed when they were first popping their heads out of the ground. But I think a foot of snow, and 2 inches is a bit different. Though if it keeps being 32 or 31 we will get a layer of nasty sleet with a bit of snow on top.

So should I cover all the plants with blankets/buckets/mulch, or just chance a freeze? (Its supposed to warm up to 55 Sunday, and 60 on Monday)


Chelsea said...

if you have plastic grocery sacks, those are good to cover them with. my neighbor covered his plants last night with some sheets of plastic to save them from frost. good luck!

The Happy Housewife said...

Our weather has been really weird too, cold, warm and tons of rain! I am so ready for March to end!