Saturday, March 7

Pay it Forward!

Here is something happy for the weekend, and to commemorate the fact that we don't have calling stuff or Daniel working so its a real weekend!


The first 3 people that comment on this blog post, will get something awesome handmade by me, within 12 months. Might I add that this generous time limit is awesome? If you want to join the pay it forward mania, tell me and then post something on your own blog to pay it forward.

Oh and you don't know my mad skillz when I get determined. I spend about 4 hours shoveling dirt Friday. That's determination with an ankle biter running around after you. Or maybe I just like messiness. Either way your handmade thing will be eventful or exciting or something.

Oh, and I take requests too, cause that's how I roll! {The request just might not be completely followed, but I will try!}


Julie P said...

Me Me Me Me!!!!!!

Melinda Beth said...

Yes me! Is it ok if you don't know me? I was happy that you posted a comment on my laundry post! It's nice to meet you! Sorry about your credit card trouble! I hate that kind of stuff and it keeps me up at night too. Thanks for stopping by my site! You seem like a cool person!

The Happy Housewife said...

Is it okay if you don't know me either? I would love something hand made, those are the best!

Lydia said...

Way to grapple some comments. Awesome.