Wednesday, March 25

Note to self:

Taking the trash out wearing a robe and barefoot is not a smart choice in March. Feet cold. Legs cold.

Programmed thermostat will not kick on until 9am. Wear extra blankets until then.

March is almost over, where is this lamb people always talk about?

According to the back of the 40lb bags, Its recommended to wear gloves when adding compost/manure to your garden. According to the New Brunswick CA dept of environment: "If you haven't composted pet manures, which contain bacteria harmful to humans, there is no need to wear gloves. Finished compost can be handled just as you would garden soil." I wonder if it counts if I have seen neighborhood cats poo in my flowerbed. Next time, wear gloves.

When planting seeds for Mother's Day, scouts will not want to choose pink for the container color. Except Calvin who says pink is his favorite color. Also, Pansy will not be a popular flower to plant thanks to its name. Remember that.

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